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                Product Name:  Maltodextrin
                CAS No:  9050-36-6
                Usage:  Used as sweetener and thickener in candy, juice, ice-cream, bakery and milk powder.
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                Product Introduction

                Appearance: White or Light Yellow Shapeless Powder, No Impurity by Naked Eyes.  

                Odor            Special odor of maltodextrin, no peculiar smell 

                Taste               Not sweet or lightly sweet, no abnormal flavour  

                DE value %                     15-20              

                pH Value                     4.5-6.0                

                Ash %                        ≤0.6               

                Water %                     ≤6.00               

                Solubility %                  ≥98               

                Iodine Test               No blue response          

                SO2                     ≤200 ppm              

                Heavy metal,%               ≤0.0005             

                Pb, %                      ≤0.0005             

                As                        ≤1.0mg/kg         

                Chloride                  ≤1.0mg/kg         

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