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                Sodium benzoate

                CAS No:532-32-1      Price:
                Usages:Used in food and beverage as additives, in medicine as antiseptic in syrup, inject liquid, etc...
                Introduction: Appearance:whitecrystallinepowderorgranular,solubleinwater.Specification:BP98/USP24  

                Sorbic acid

                CAS No:110-44-1      Price:
                Usages:mainly used as antiseptic and antistaling agent for food etc.
                Introduction: Appearance:Whitecrystallinepowder,difficulttobesolvedinwater,easilyinalcoholandotherorganicsol

                Potassium sorbate

                CAS No:590-00-1      Price:
                Usages:Used as food additive of cream, salad, fruit, wine, candies.
                Introduction: Appearance:whitecrystalpowderorgranular.Specification:FCCIVsatndard  ParametersSpeci
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